Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It Could Have Been Worse...

…and it still just might. Get worse, that is. As noted below we got our ice storm last evening, which is still in progress as I write and is supposed to continue all day and into the night. The roads are clear, judging from the speed of traffic on US 70, which is visible from my window. Still and even I’m glad I’ve got nowhere to go and I’m stocked up on every form of consumable known to man. I could sit here for three or four days if push came to shove. But it won’t.

I lost my ‘net connection last evening, coincidence or not, as the ice storm moved in. And I sat in fear for most of the evening, wondering if the forecasted one-quarter to one-half inch of ice was going to materialize. First there was the fear of a power outage and associated cold once my furnace quit working; second was the fear of crashing limbs and such. El Casa Móvil De Pennington sits in the shade of a very large tree with overarching limbs of significant girth. The very last thing I wanted to hear in the dead of night was the crash of a limb hitting my roof… Thankfully the forecasted amount of ice never happened and from all appearances, it won’t.

My fingers are crossed.

Today’s Pic: Just enough ice on the Green Hornet to make things unpleasant should I have to go somewhere. Today, 30 minutes ago.


  1. Still living north of I-10, are you?

    Maybe you should take the Casa de Movil out, follow the birds to the Sea of Cortez. I wish I could!

    It is still 74 degrees F, 2 miles SOUTH of I-10. The "Barco Sin Vela" will get underway during this holiday season. If only to the Beaches.

    Stay warm!

  2. Ah, that is a familiar sight, though we haven't seen that recently. I must say, you've had more icky weather there than we have here. Pretty strange. Some of the trees here are confused and have tiny buds starting. Although today is a bit more seasonably cold than it has been for weeks.

  3. "...It still just might." Yes. This is tracking in an odd south to north direction, but may mosey on east as is customary. If it does, you'll get what we're getting here in and around the [even] big[ger] city. Not so much ice storm, but significant snow. (Significant for around here, anyway.)

    Watch Lileks complain when this storm moves over his neighborhood, as I predict it will.

    So that's the Green Hornet. Sooweet!

  4. Been lurking for some time now, thought I would finally say hello. I'm a "neighbor" of yours to the west about 25 miles. I'm sure I have seen you in WallyWorld and McD's a couple of times, but maybe not. I'm just a farmer's wife chasing my 4 kids around in there, no time to say hello. LOL! Some weather we are having. Especially tonight with the sleet/snow/thunder/lightning. Hope the casa stays safe and the power doesn't give out. A camper with no heat isn't fun. Been there, done that. Lots of action on the police scanner in P-town tonight (my husband is on the Volunteer dept out here. We keep it on to know what's going on, especially after our fire last year that burned over half my ranch). Hopefully it will slow down and no wrecks.

    Stay safe, have a nice evening. Just wanted to say I enjoy reading your blog.

  5. "Stay safe, have a nice evening. Just wanted to say I enjoy reading your blog. "

    Profound. Same here.

  6. DC: Yep...and likely to stay that way for a while, too! :-)

    Laurie: You're right, ya know. I've been keeping an eye on the WX in Ra-cha-cha and you've been unseasonably mild, whereas we've been unseasonably cool. Go figure. Let's talk about this again next month...

    JennyE: I'm glad you said Hello! We may have crossed paths in Wally-World, but not Mickey Dee's...unless you saw me in the drive-through. If we cross paths again, please say hi, OK?

    The thunder and lightning HAS been weird, hasn't it?

    Reese: You guys in the ABQ area have been making the WX Channel updates, but I'm sure you know that... And thanks for the kind words, again.

    We've had a couple waves of rain, freezing rain, sleet, and finally snow during the past two and a half hours. I went outside and took a couple of pics about 15 minutes ago, but Blogger won't let me post photos (at the moment) for some reason. Hopefully that will be resolved by tomorrow. And we still have power...

  7. Hi Jennye, Jump in to the conversations any time you like. Buck's place is very hospitable :)

    I like it when lurkers come out of the closet. I recently found out who one of my frequent visitors was after the longest time of not knowing.

  8. My sister in Amarillo said she did not sleep a wink last night with all the noise from breaking limbs outside her house. She said it is a mess.

    Stay warm, Buck! All we got here was rain, rain, and more rain. I am getting out the kayak to go to town :)


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