Saturday, December 30, 2006

Watch That First Step...It's a Doozy

I’ve spent the better part of the morning reading about Saddam’s final moments and commentary thereto. Hot Air has a comprehensive round-up of media comment, articles and witness reactions. Plus video of the SOB’s final moments, minus the actual drop.

It seems the Loony Fringe can’t look upon the act of rendering justice simply for what it is: justice. No, they absolutely must rant and rave. Bush Derangement Syndrome: the most debilitating psychological affliction of the 21st century, bar none. Sometimes I feel sorry for these people, but most of the time I wish they’d just STFU. We received (and rejected) their message a long, long time ago.

Confederate Yankee takes the time to fisk the post I linked above. The fisking is well-done, to be sure, but dang, CY, was it worth the trouble you went to?

The Insignificant Bowls are just about over and the Real Deal begins Monday. The one Insignificant Bowl I’ve watched (so far) was a blow-out…Cal simply dominated the Aggies, to my chagrin. It looks like I missed a good game here, though. A record comeback, and all that. Dang!

I might watch Navy and BC today, just out of boredom lack of anything better to do…

Another milblogger will arrive on the scene shortly. SN2 e-mails me with a link to his nascent blog, which looks like it will be a good one. (Full-disclosure: I’m biased, of course.) I’ll give all y’all the link when he lets me know he’s “ready for prime time.”

Today’s Pic: That’s No Way to Treat a Lady! The Green Hornet and El Casa Móvil De Pennington, looking all forlorn and out of their elements. Or in the elements, as the case may be. There’s about three inches of snow on the ground and we’ve been having flurries all morning. It’s cold, too. I thought we had a deal, Laurie? Why haven’t you come and collected your miserable weather yet?

Today, about an hour ago.


  1. This is a direct quote from someone on a snake forum I frequent.

    "it wasent him thats mine, i think a person of such powerfullness would not just be "cought" exactly why they would not allow DNA testing! :P"

    I wonder what planet he is from.

    As for me, my first thoughts were "Wow, that was fast!" I guess that's better than him spending decades in prison, launching appeal after appeal, all at taxpayer expense.

  2. I thought that DNA testing confirmed that he was indeed Saddam.I have no doubt that the Iraqis took care of business. Happy new year all.

  3. We got another dusting this morning, and it actually stuck all day. I think it was an unpredicted Lake Effect shower. I haven't seen a thing about the execution, been keeping myself busy with Soldiers' Angels stuff. And laundry.... which I need to finish.


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